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Why Can't You Win *AND* Have a Party Deck?

Posted 4/3/2014 9:32:00 AM

That's what I want to know.  That's my million dollar question.

I love Coors Field. I do believe it is one of the BEST stadiums/arenas in all of sports.  It is fan-friendly.  It is in a great location.  It hosts games that are usually in spectacular Denver weather--the kind of weather that is why all of us enjoy living here so much.

But why can't they win?  Why can't I have my ice cold beer and drink it too?

Rockies owner Dick Monfort says in a column by Patrick Saunders for the Denver Post -- "I don't know where they get that I'm not passionate about winning," Monfort said. "I think every year we spend every dollar we can on the team. I probably spend more time with the baseball guys than anybody else in my position (as an owner). I live and die by games."

You want to know ...

Dan Patrick & Other Line-Up Shuffles @ The Fan

Posted 2/25/2014 9:36:00 AM

There's an official press release link below, but I thought I'd just sit down to write you guys a note as well.  I've always enjoyed feedback in this job.  A lot of your probably think I don't because I blast some of the people on the text line every morning, but it's true.  You can't work in this business and have thin skin.  It just doesn't work out well for you, your blood pressure, and your overall mental health.  You have to be able to be called names.  It just comes with the talk show host job.

Then add to it my position as the Program Director of The Fan and I get that feedback twice as much from multiple angles. 

So, when I announced yesterday the programming changes that are coming next Monday, I knew I would hear from a lot of people.  And I have.  And I appreciate ...

Party On, Dick

Posted 10/9/2013 12:41:00 PM

There's honestly not much I can say in this post.  But, I'll share anyway.

You've heard us talk about this on the morning show.  I appreciate the efforts by the Monforts to continue to make Coors Field a great experience for a game...but the experience would be a LOT better if the game on the field was actually compelling.  Below in the link to the new PARTY DECK being built.

Too bad a power-hitting 1st Baseman or some bullpen help doesn't come along with the investment.

Ugh. And the powers that be at 20th and Blake wonder why we criticize them so much.

Our Coach Can Beat Up Your Coach

Posted 10/3/2013 9:20:00 AM

Face it, you like Patrick Roy.  And most importantly, regardless of what the NHL may come out and say publicly, the league NEEDS Patrick Roy.  The NHL has always done a very poor job of marketing its stars and its best personalities.  Outside of the Winter Olympics every  four years, nothing is done to try to bring the fringe fans to the game.

Then Patrick Roy decided he'd had enough last night with the Anaheim Ducks and wasn't going to take it anymore.  All morning, the "A Block" of SportsCenter was featuring the Roy and Anaheim coach Bruce Boudreau encounter.  The glass dividing the benches was knocked over and several four-letter bombs were dropped.  And this was AFTER the game had ended.  A 6-1 blowout game.

When Roy joined us on The Fan Morning Show (which he does every Thursday @ 8am by the way) Mike asked him, "Do you ...

Slap on the Wrist

Posted 7/23/2013 12:24:00 PM

Let's face it, gang.  There will not be any meaningful end to PEDs until you actually hit a player in the one place that matters: their pocketbook.  Think they are worried about embarrassing themselves?  Clearly they are not.  There's only place that it truly hurts and that is the paychecks that are coming in.

Think about this for a moment.  Ryan Braun is going to be suspended for the rest of the season.  He'll miss 65 games and lose approximately $3.2 million.  But next Spring Training when he comes back, he'll have over $130 million left on the deal he signed.  That much lost money is a lifetime to most people.  It's NOTHING to him.  If you want to make an impact, give the MLB teams the right to null and void the contract if a player is caught. 

Hit their paycheck.  Until you do, they will keep hitting the ...

Thank You, Joel

Posted 6/17/2013 11:13:00 AM

Hello to The Fan Family...

As many of you know, Joel Klatt has been given an amazing opportunity to join Fox Sports 1, the new national sports network that Fox is launching on August 17th.  Today marked Joel's last day on the air with us as part of the Evans & Klatt morning show.  The Fan Morning Show will relaunch on July 1st with Mike Evans, me and Vic Lombardi.

More than two years ago, we made a, actually a being a true live and local radio station for the Denver community.  We believed, and still do, that a sports town like Denver deserves a radio station that is committed to serving its Fans with local talk about the local teams that matter most to our local fans.  When Joel joined us in January of 2012, he was a vital piece of the puzzle with that commitment.  Joel's ...

Gone Too Soon

Posted 7/20/2012 1:53:00 PM

As I mourn the loss of a friend Jessica Redfield (Gwahi), the tragedy of today hits home.  So many friends have shared in blogs, columns or photos the beauty of her personality and her friendship.  I could only manage to do one segment this morning on the air, before handing it over to Brandon Krisztal to join Chad and host.  If you care to listen, the link is here:


Our friend Adrian Dater at the Denver Post shared his thoughts:


Jessica during her internship for Ticket 760, my former station, in San Antonio:


God Bless you, Jessica. You are a beautiful soul with an infectious smile.  Love you, "Sis" ... miss you so much.


Believe Me, I'm Not Trying to Depress You

Posted 7/9/2012 1:46:00 PM

Fans of the show that tuned in today know that I broke down the reasons what Nuggets fans should feel screwed for the future.  Believe me, I want to be wrong.  I desperately want to be wrong.  But history is not on our side, Nuggs fans.  If you missed it, where the heck were you????  Well, at least subscribe to the podcasts on iTunes so you don't miss out on all of our yelling.  But, if you did miss it for whatever reason, here's what you need to know:

* Only 8 NBA teams have won the NBA Title in the last 22 years.  Stretch it to 33 years, and it only adds one team.  That's 9 teams in 33 years.  9.  NINE! 


Every single one of those teams has had a true elite NBA player with, arguably, the exception of the 2004 Detroit Pistons with Chauncey Billups and ...

Baby Steps? Sure. The Answer? Heck no.

Posted 6/27/2012 12:32:00 PM

The NCAA announcing that a four-team playoff would begin for the 2013-14 season was a nice first step.  The truth is they knew they had to do something, they just had to figure out how to make it into a profitable decision for the big conferences.  They managed to do that in a number of ways. 

But, for those who think this is somehow the final answer, you're nuts.  All you have done is change the argument from "Who should be #2?" to "Who should be #4?"  That's it.  It won't stop the debate.  It won't stop the outrage.  You've turned the volume down on some of the critics, but they are still upset--myself included.

There should be 8 teams minimum.  16 ideal.  And the NCAA can't say that they can't figure out how to do it.  B.S.  You do it already in EVERY other division of college football.  It's ...

My Loathing for David Stern Continues

Posted 6/13/2012 3:41:00 PM

Today on the Jim Rome program, Rome asked NBA Commissioner David Stern about the NBA Draft Lottery and the many questions fans have about the legitimacy of the outcome.  There have been plenty of examples where the Lottery results were fishy at best, and seemingly rigged in others.

So, Rome asked him.  Stern flew off the handle.

For those of you, which includes our own D-Mac and Alfred Williams, who think Rome was out of line to ask the question, I ask you "why?"  Are the same people who get angry when the reporters at press conferences lob softball questions at coaches, managers, and athletes?  The people who get angry and call our show because you want us to ask the hard-hitting questions about our favorite local teams?  The listeners who think there are reporters in this town who suck-up to the local teams by not asking the tough questions?


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