Broncos Training Camp - Prelude

Posted 7/26/2014 10:45:00 AM

Broncos Training Camp - 2014


The media lunch the day before Broncos training camp opens is usually a very light-hearted affair.  It's a media reunion.  We haven't seen each other for a few weeks and we like to catch up.  Frankly, we are barely hanging on to jobs, so it's good to know most of us have survived the summer.  Last summer was filled with arrests.  I was thrilled to be able to ask Von Miller if marijuana was part of his life.  "Absolutely NOT",  Von replied.  Then he sat out for six, played in a couple and tore his ACL and was an non-factor in a Super Bowl run year.  The Broncos have always been very upfront during this particular event.  Elvis Dumervil two years ago sort of explained his gun thing in Miami, which at the time wasn't really settled, but he manned up and met the ...

Dmac's Rockies Blog: April 1, 2014

Posted 4/1/2014 4:16:00 PM

Watching the Rockies Blog:

April 1, 2014

For a couple of years in a row, I meant to create a little project where I blog about the Rockies.  My intention is to watch EVERY game from the 7th inning on.  The Rockies opened in Miami last night and by the 7th inning, the game was over.  Not exactly a ton to blog about!  So, instead of being quite so rigid, I will attempt to write about every game this season based on what I catch.  Hey, listen - isn't that how most of us consume baseball anyway?  I've never tried to do anything like this.  I'm a bit inspired by Stephen King who did this exact same thing for the Red Sox one year and then they won the world series.  Of course, Stephen King is a mult-Millionaire with box seats next to the dugout and can fly to any ...

Free Agency is Awesome! The Draft Blows!

Posted 2/14/2014 1:41:00 PM

I thought John Elway was gonna leap from behind his microphone at his final press conference and rip apart reporters with his teeth like they were raw meat.  His anger was palable.  His attitude was refreshing.  In a season finale with such immense crushing disappointment, we saw the scaring pain it created on its leader.

It was good to see John Elway get inked to a new three year deal.  

The Broncos actually ripped up the final year of his contract, so #7 is locked down until the Class of '17 graduates.  This actually extends Elway past the total length of Peyton Manning's possible contract.  There was a thought that Elway would wrap it up at the same time of Manning's retirement.  Perhaps Manning would even take over Elway's role for the Broncos.  The more time that goes by, the less likely that seems.  Elway has added the title ...

Football is over...oh, there are other sports?

Posted 2/13/2014 12:47:00 PM

Like Puxtony Phil on Groundhog's Day, now that the Broncos season has ended -for better or worse (worse, I suppose), I have poked my head out of my football hole to see what else is happening in sports.  

We have some small things going on in football, but the combine isn't for another week and free agency doesn't get going in full until March.  So, what the hell else is going on?

Nuggets:  Wow, these guys suck, huh?  Seriously who knew how bad they really were?  On their most recent road trip they lost by an average of 27.5 points.  Now what is this?  Andre Miller is still on the team?  HUH?  WHAT?  I thought that bridge had been Napalmed?  Gallo is out for MUCH longer than expected.  Ty Lawson is AGAIN not an all star and hurt.  Nate Robinson is history.  Brian Shaw and Tim Connelly seem like ...

Super Bowl Coverage - Day Six

Posted 1/31/2014 2:54:00 PM

In 6th grade, Travis Doty stole a roach from his pothead dad.  He put it in a small, plastic sandwhich bag and took it behind a broken down, paint deprived wooden fence near his slum like condo that he lived in with his mom and sister.  His parents had split a few years back and now they had a kid who was eager to get high at 11.  Travis took me behind this fence, lit up the roach the best he could and then for the first time in my life, I smoked weed.  Well, sort of.  There wasn't much weed there.  I certainly didn't feel high.  All we really got out of it was burned fingers.  We giggled and raced back to his house where Travis was convinced we needed to eat Roast Beef to cover the smell.  Don't ask me where he got that from.  Travis turned out ...

Super Bowl 48 Coverage - Day Five

Posted 1/30/2014 2:46:00 PM

The Greatest Opera Singer in the world, Renee Fleming has a lisp, Bruno Mars is super cute and Peyton Manning is FINALLY becoming a Bronco.  All these things became apparent on a Super Bowl Thursday.  

For the first time all week, the sun came out.  Brilliantly illuminating the Hudson River at daybreak, the Broncos gathered on the Porn Ship for their final media session of the week.  The pace and focus feels more like a regular week.  The Broncos players braced by the cold temperatures and early morning calls have remained Jersey Boys.  The Broncos LIKE being buttoned down.  The Broncos LIKE being organized and focused.  The Broncos WANT an early morning wake up call.  Manning spoke for the final time this week after being available for a stunning 5 straight days.  The scratch in his voice seemed to be cleared up.  He seemed better rested and his humor ...

Super Bowl Coverage - Day Four

Posted 1/29/2014 3:07:00 PM

Marshawn Lynch took a picture of me.  I thought I looked a little goofy hanging all over his teammate Michael Robinson's right shoulder, but hey it was a candid moment.  Apparently Marshawn Lynch doesn't like media attention.  Well, heck, I LOVE MEDIA ATTENTION!  Just ask anybody and they may call me the Richard Sherman of Radio.  A hungry horde of reporters surrounded Lynch starving for some meat off the bone from a guy who simply wants to meld into the background.  Honestly, it doesn't make a difference to me whether he talks or not.  I care about the Broncos gameplan, however I'm always fascinated by a good old fashioned circus.  

I positioned myself in a bizarre spot which would put me right beside what I thought would be Lynch.  The day before he made news by not saying - well - barely saying anything.  Hey man, it's Super Bowl ...

Super Bowl 48 Coverage - Day Three

Posted 1/28/2014 2:54:00 PM

"This time let's get our own F'n confetti!"

That's what Joel Dreessen told me after a brohug in the closing moments of Media day in the sewer hole that is also known as Newark.  A year ago, Joel was in our radio studio and I offered some of the Ravens victory confetti from the recent Super Bowl.  I wanted to see if it offered any kind of inspiration.  Apparently, it did.

Dreessen may not even play in the Super Bowl.  He has been a healthy scratch for the past two playoff games.  A fact that I'm sure bothers the Colorado native, but at this point, it's all in baby and the Broncos are all in.

Chris Kuper probably won't play either, but he couldn't hold back his excitement as far back as a week ago.  No matter how you got to the Super Bowl, no matter what your role, damn ...

Super Bowl 48 Coverage - Day Two

Posted 1/27/2014 2:43:00 PM

Pete Carrol is basically okay with players smoking weed while not advocating for it. He says that there are legitimate medicinal benefits.  He makes sense.  Pete Carroll openly admitted his team installed the gameplan last week and so today it wasn't a big deal to NOT go outside.  Today, Monday, was a refresher day and the team snapped to life quickly.  Pete Carroll described how they have been able to gain so much depth so quickly, they trusted their young guys by not giving them too much responsibility in the first place.  Instead, the young guys get a little at a time until they are up to speed which takes half a year or so.  The upside is their quality of depth increases greatly.  Carroll has used MANY college philosophies successfully to take his Seahawks who have ONE guy who has ever been in the Super Bowl to the Championship ...

Super Bowl 48 Coverage - Day One

Posted 1/27/2014 11:14:00 AM

Japanese people really like some weird stuff.  Sitting on some sort of dingy shuttle service bus from Laguardia to Manhattan, I was next to a Japanese dude, who whipped out a HUGE laptop and proceeded to watch some sort of Japanese game show where the object was for two extremely happy contestants to jump off a 30 foot scaffolding onto some sort of large inflatable device that would catapult what I can only assume is a teammate 30 feet into the air and then back into water.  I have no idea why this guy needed to fill his time on his arrival to NYC watching this "compelling" programming, but god forbid you take a peek at what surrounds you.  THE SUPER BOWL.

Okay, maybe everybody at this year's host city isn't completely enraptured in what is happening in New Jersey.  I asked the bus driver who he thought would win ...