Broncos Training Camp - Day Two


Day 2
Bright summer day with sizzling sunshine welcomed the soon to be Super Bowl Champs onto a sunbaked field for Day Two of Training Camp.
See, I can be positive – sort of like Von – I kid, I kid. 
Yesterday, somebody did set up a Von is Positive Twitter handle.  I got the joke and I’m sure you do too.  The fans – and there were more of them today – again welcomed Von back with open arms and open throat making me wonder how bright those particular fans truly are.  Again, just to recap, Von’s house didn’t burn down; nothing tragic happened to a family member, his chickens weren’t unnecessarily killed.  No, Broncos fans, the issues Von has were brought on by his poor behavior.
Alfred Williams and I sat down with Sylvester Williams today who admitted that the altitude and speed took a little toll on him on his first real practice of camp.  He said he will keep his circle small and while there’s nothing wrong with going out, he will watch things carefully.  I have no reason to doubt the new 92, but these are the same words we have heard from so many rookies.  SO MANY know of the dangers and plummet down that slippery slope.  Here’s hoping the factory workers seemingly well intended knowledge stays intact and not fractured to pieces like Mr. Miller.
In terms of football, Von and the rest of the defense took a licking from the offense.  The pace was much faster and more effective.  Everybody was taken by surprise today when after team stretch; they went into a FAST FAST FAST 11 v 11 team drill.  The speed was like a last ditch 2 minute drill.  FAST SUCKERS!  It was also effective for both Manning and Big Brock.
Ronnie Hillman was hobbled early grabbing his hammy and having to be stretched.  After practice he said it was just cramps, no big deal.  But, keep your eyes on that one.  Meanwhile, Montee Ball continues to …well…still be a rookie.  Where do you line up?  Where do I stand?  Where’s the bathroom?  Don’t be in a huge rush to make him your starter.  It probably will happen, but time, my friend, give it a little time.
It’s becoming more apparent that Knowshon is the new Lance Ball and Lance Ball may become the new Tatum Bell (“Sir, I would personally go with the Droid – it’s very popular at this kiosk”) Coach Fox confirmed the obvious that special teams is now part of Knowshon’s life (see I’m goofing on my own Von Miller question – clever, huh?).  This will not bother Knowshon as he is basically not bothered by anything.  If a herd of giant reptiles from Mars came to attack Dove Valley and carry off all the fans, Knowshon would smile and say, “Oh well.”  I’m reminded of the classic Joe Montana skit from Saturday Night Live.  You know the one where he tells the truth ALL the time.  “I’m going upstairs to Masturbate.”  Well, that’s basically Mr. Moreno.  The crazy part is don’t be surprised if he is the starter.  We spoke with Terrell Davis and he expressed that same surprise.  Give it some time.  I’m not rooting for an injury, but something tells me Hillman will have a hard time carrying his new weight.
Manning continues to come out early to sign for fans in the Handicapped section.  He goofs with the crowd during practice.  He even pulled a kid out of the crowd who was wearing a Von Miller shirt and threw him a pass.  The kid ran the wrong route and the pass fell incomplete, so Manning lined him up on the other side.  The kid ran a lazy fade but Manning drilled him to the applause of the crowd.  It’s Manning’s world and it’s a wildly more confident world than last year.  Fortunately for Broncos fans it was a world today that was sharper, crisper and far more fun than opening day.
There is no evidence Trindon Holliday will be a receiver, but there’s plenty of proof Greg Orton should make this team.  Pass after tough pass Orton catches without any issues.  Grabbing a deep toss over the middle, Orton got tied up with a defensive back.  For what seemed like over a minute after the play, the two of them had a death battle struggle for possession of the ball until Orton finally ripped it away like a Seattle Receiver playing the Packers.  This dude HAS to make the 53 and it would be foolish not to give him a legit shot.  If not, another team in this league would be nuts not to take a shot.  Tavares King continues to impress.  I find it perplexing so many people want to shove Eric Decker out the door for King.  Not sure if those people hate country music or reality shows, but Decker is the real deal and a legit NFL star.  I guess when you are really good, you become boring.  By that standard, Decker is having a super boring camp.
The day was capped as Joel Dreesen walked through a sprinkler with some sort of Birthday desert.  His scoped knee is slowly coming back and he is slightly frustrated by the lack of reps.  He is in a battle with Julius Thomas for playing time.  I’m sure it’s a bit frustrating, but I don’t think Dreesen has a ton to worry about.  4 backs, 4 tight ends, 5 WR’s and add on Holliday as a specialist.  However, the veteran paranoia is apparent.
Day 2 – Faster, better, stronger – Broncos finding their pace on another perfect day at Dove Valley.  Tomorrow they put on the pads and start hitting.  Get ready!

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