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Wake up weekdays from 6 to 9am with The Fan Morning Show with Mike Evans, Nate Lundy & Vic Lombardi. Only on 104.3 The Fan, KKFN FM Denver


Fan Morning Show Hour 3 9/02/14

Chris Landry joins us for our final hour to talk NFL and Broncos just before we kick off the regular season on Thursday with the Packers vs. Seahawks. The guys ask Landry on his opinion about Welker and his health. We ask Landry for his observation on the Rocky Mountain Showdown and was it good for CSU to win the game? Starting linebacker Brandon Marshall called in to talk to the guys about the upcoming game vs. the Colts. We ask Marshall what its like to play for a coordinator that played the position he plays in Jack Del Rio. Vic asks if he was surprised if “Pot Roast” got the Captain spot or expected him to. The fellas discuss how much of Danny Trevathan's responsibilities are going to fall on Marshall, whether its all or some. We again keep going on with the 53 man roster and if we have weak spots in it.

Posted 9/2/2014 8:00:00 AM


Fan Morning Show Hour 2 9/02/14

Vic joins the show at the start of hour 2, and we bring him in with a taste of Manny Pacquiao serenading us with his NFL tribute. We wonder out loud about Kayvon Webster and Ronnie Hillman’s reported mystery illnesses while down in Dallas. The crew continue to go over the Broncos choices for the team Captains. We have some texters upset that Von Miller wasn’t named a team Captain, and the guys gladly explain why it was not so. In our 7 o’clock hour we bring in Matt Miller from Bleacher Report to talk NFL and Broncos Football. Miller discuss’ JJ Watt’s new contract is it a benchmark for Von’s contract? Mike asks if the Colts are legitimately a team the Broncos should be worried about in the AFC? Before Matt left the show he gave his two cents on the Raiders starting rookie Derek Carr by claiming what do they have to lose they’re the Raiders. on 1st down we talk more Broncos Captains, 2nd down the Raiders announce they’re starting Derek Carr over Matt Schaub, 3rd down Gronk is set to play in the opener for the Patriots this weekend, and finally n 4th down the Seahawks are going to use All-Pro Safety Earl Thomas to return punts. To close out our second hour the guys bring up the fact that several of golf's top players will be in attendance for the Broncos vs. Colts game.

Posted 9/2/2014 7:00:00 AM


Fan Morning Show Hour 1 9/02/14

To start The Fan Morning Show we give an update on Wes Welker's health. Mike and Nate go over the recent elected Captains, and ask if there are any surprise’s in the selections. JJ Watt officially becomes the highest paid defensive player in NFL history, what's that mean for Von Miller’s upcoming contract. First on the Morning Brew we hear DT say he’s “honored” to be named a team Captain, the Phillies get a combined no-hitter, on his final visit to our neighbors up north Derek Jeter gets a stay in a castle from the Toronto Blue Jays. Also on the Morning Brew Manny Pacquiao sings his love for the NFL, and lastly FOX has decided to bring the tv show Greatest American Hero back on air. The guys go over possible Superbowl match ups and see who the “Experts” have chosen to meet in the big game at the end of the year. To close out the hour we continue on with reaction from the fans from the text line.

Posted 9/2/2014 6:00:00 AM


Fan Morning Show Hour 3 9/01/14

Starting the final hour off here on Labor Day we have Troy Renck our Broncos insider come by and talk Bronco cuts. Renck says not a lot of surprises cut wise on the team, though the media will miss their talks with Vickerson. Nate asks why haven’t the Broncos picked up an actual Kicker instead of settling with McManus. Renck thinks that Chris Clark needs to play better on the right side, and Kayvon Webster’s play was suspect at times, last Roby turned his play around from his abysmal first two weeks to really shining the final two. Nate tells us the worst ending to a football game ever, as Holy Cross lost their game against Albany in the last minute on a big hit that led to a fumble. Vic and Nate both tell us that they’re more of College Football fans instead of NFL fans, and Mike just can't believe a Denver Bronco fan such as Vic could be more of a College fan. The guys continue the talk over the final 53 man roster for the Denver Broncos and where there are some possible weakness. Evans wonders if the Broncos are getting to cost conscious during a Superbowl year. Vic wonders how many fans will actually make their way down to Coors Field for the suspended game that’s being made up today. We start to talk about the Colts game this upcoming Sunday, and wonder out loud if they’re our biggest competition to get to the SuperBowl. Lastly to close out the show Vic asks if anyone is surprised that Champ Bailey hasn't been picked up by another team.

Posted 9/1/2014 8:00:00 AM


Fan Morning Show Hour 2 9/01/14

Vic joins the show at the top of the hour and applauds Mike for calling the DU Pioneers Men's Soccer game. Pre-season is over! Bring on the regular season baby we’re ready to get the season going! Mike asks if we might be missing a future Terrell Davis like player by letting Kapri Bibbs go to the practice squad? The guys still wonder if it was good for the rivalry that CSU won the Rocky Mountain Showdown? On 1st down the crew talk the cutting of Big Kevin Vickerson from the 53-man roster, 2nd down Jeff Fisher discuss’ cutting Michael Sam and talking to him about practice squad, on 3rd down 49ers Ray McDonald gets arrested for domestic violence, and finally on 4th down Alex Smith gets a new contract from the Kansas City Chiefs. The guys continue to talk about the Rocky Mountain Showdown, how CU reacts to little brother “CSU” beating up on them.

Posted 9/1/2014 7:00:00 AM


Fan Morning Show Hour 1 9/01/14

We start this Labor Day off by talking about the Broncos final 53 man roster. Who were the surprises of who made it and who got cut? Is there a soft spot in the Broncos roster with some of the surprising cuts over the weekend? Mike and Nate recap the CSU win in the Rocky Mountain Showdown, was it good for the rivalry for CSU to win? On The Fan’s Morning Brew we continue with Bronco cuts, Tony “Smoke” Stewart is back to racing, a Japanese high school game lasted 50 plus innings and four days long before a winner emerged. College coaches get a chance to read mean tweets about themselves, and The Golf Channel used a Boston Bomber graphic. Closing the hour Mike and Nate recap our topics and give their final two cents before we move on and have Vic join in.

Posted 9/1/2014 6:00:00 AM


Fan Morning Show Hour 3 8/29/14

For the final hour of The Fan Morning Show we have Former CU Buff RB and Heisman Trophy Winner Rashaan Salaam on the show. Salaam came on and discussed how CSU is still viewed as the little brother to CU in the state. The fellas ask him about his playing days and old memories. We get a good laugh listening to some of the “Ole Ball Coach” Steve Spurrier press conference after his Gamecocks got their tails whipped by the Texas A&M Aggies last night. At the half hour mark we have former CSU FB Kyle Bell on and ask what it was like playing in a CSU vs.CU game. Bell gives his praise and insight on fellow former Ram and current Bronco Kapri Bibbs. Bell also offers up his opinion on the CSU stadium situation and what he’d like to see happen. To close out our final hour the guys give their winner of the CSU vs CU game, with Mike going with CSU, Nate sticks with CU, and Vic says CU needs this win.

Posted 8/29/2014 8:00:00 AM

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Morning Basics

Morning Basics

The Morning Brew Every morning at 6:30, Mike and Nate take you through the biggest sports stories that you'll be talking about at work.

Four Down Territory Tune in at 7:30 for the four biggest stories from the world of football.  Regardless of whether it's college or pro, these are the headlines you need to start your day.

Frank Schwab Covering the NFL for Yahoo! Sports from right here in Denver, Frank joins the guys every Monday at 7:15 to look back on the weekend that was in the NFL.

Chad Brown A 3-time Pro Bowler with 15 years in the NFL, the former CU standout is on hand every Monday morning at 8:00 to look back on two full days of weekend football.

Fantasy Freaks It's hard to deny that Nate is a stat geek, but when it comes to Fantasy Football, we just let him do it.  Tune in throughout the week for Nate's breakdown on how to guide your team to the championship.

Jake Plummer Wednesdays at 8:00am, The Fan Morning Show welcomes the former Broncos quarterback to the airwaves to talk all things Broncos and the NFL.

Troy Calhoun 104.3 The Fan is the home for Falcons football all season long. The head coach of Air Force Academy football is on the show every Thursday at 7:45am.

Michael Schottey From Bleacher Report, Michael is their lead NFL writer.  Joining the show every Friday morning at 6:15, Michael takes us coast to coast to preview the upcoming NFL weekend.