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Wake up weekdays from 6 to 9am with The Fan Morning Show with Mike Evans, Nate Lundy & Vic Lombardi. Only on 104.3 The Fan, KKFN FM Denver


Fan Morning Show Hour 3 9/19/14

Starting our final hour we have former CU Buff and Seahawk Chad Brown call in and talk to us about the Broncos week 3 matchup against his former team. Vic asks Chad if Seattle has any good coffee shops, also if he’ll be able to get a hold of any flannel while in town. Troy Renck our NFL and Bronco insider drops in to talk our week 3 game against Seattle. Nate says he’s not buying the whole its just another game, considering the beating they put on the Broncos in the Super Bowl. Renck says that Denver’s defense hasn’t even played their best game yet, and will need to step up their play for this game. Mike continues his ongoing feud with Dmac by poking fun at him and asking if there’s an actual pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Closing the hour Mike recaps the new gatorade ad that brought him to tears, and Vic and he give us a hip hip hooray to end our day right.

Posted 9/19/2014 8:00:00 AM


Fan Morning Show Hour 2 9/19/14

Vic joins the show at the top of the hour for our Is It Just Me and Football Friday! Mike and Nate ask Vic if he’s already and prepared for his excursion up to the pacific northwest. The fellas debate about who needs to have the best game this weekend, whether its wide receivers and tight ends, or the offensive line. On 1st down we recap the thrashing that the Atlanta Falcons put on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 2nd down Verizon Wireless the NFL’s biggest sponsor stand by the shield. For 3rd down Tom Brady posted an old resume of his on twitter, and 4th down the biggest game beside the only one that matters up in Seattle is the Green Bay vs Detroit game this weekend. Our final segment for hour 2 we have Connery Dehuff provide us with his thoughts on Scotland voting to become independent of The United Kingdom.

Posted 9/19/2014 7:00:00 AM


Fan Morning Show Hour 1 9/19/14

Good morning and welcome to this EPIC Is It Just Me and Football Friday. Mike and Nate talk what to expect from Broncos vs Seahawks. In the Morning Brew Atlanta stomped Tampa Bay in last nights Thursday night football. Steve Smith proves elevators can be used for love too, a Detroit man was arrested for throwing a drug filled football over a prison wall. Derek Jeter gets a send off from Gatorade with a Frank Sinatra inspired commercial. Last on the Morning Brew Coach K defends coaching the USA National Team. Closing out our first hour on Football Friday we have Michael Schottey drop in to talk that awful Thursday Night Football, as well as some Broncos vs Seahawks.

Posted 9/19/2014 6:00:00 AM


Fan Morning Show Hour 3 9/18/14

For our final hour we delve more into the Denver versus Seahawks game this Sunday night. Nate points out that Peyton Manning has never had a team where it wasn't built around him. The guys give Peyton a shout out for his business savvy move of owning pizza joints, the guys proceed to go on a 5 minute rant about pizza and other various munchies that people like. Mike lets us know that at the country show last night fans asked where his Starter boots were. We replay our interview with former HC Brian Bellick from our 6 o’clock hour for you late commuters. Closing out the hour the guys talk a bit more Broncos, while playfully poking at one another.

Posted 9/18/2014 8:00:00 AM


Fan Morning Show Hour 2 9/18/14

Vic joins Mike and Nate at the top of the hour, and we begin our plan of attack against the Seahawk’s this weekend. Vic explains to us his idea for the first play of the game to get the Broncos to start out on the right foot. The fellas talk about the return of Wes Welker and what impact that will have on the game plan. Nate asks our listeners to give us a play that could beat Vic’s double reverse pass. For 1st down Richard Sherman barks at Chargers after not talking to media following Seahawks loss. In 2nd down Ron Rivera says we're focusing on the wrong things in regards to the Greg Hardy and Johnathan Dwyer Domestic case’s. In 3rd down Brandon Marshall is upset (what else is new) ESPN, and on 4th down we preview the Atlanta vs Tampa Bay game. Finishing off the hour we talk a bit more about the Brandon Marshall story.

Posted 9/18/2014 7:00:00 AM


Fan Morning Show Hour 1 9/18/14

We start this Thursday morning, by talking about Wes Welker's first day back at practice. What kind of impact will he have against the Seahawks?
With the playoffs right around the corner, we talk with our MLB insider, Craig Calcaterra.
The Morning Brew talks about Jameis Winston gets suspended for saying stupid things, Senator blasts Bob Stoops, Instructions to cheer in Japanese baseball, and more.
we wrap up the first hour with our NFL insider, Brian Billick. Brian talks Broncos/Seahawks and takes us around the rest of the NFL.

Posted 9/18/2014 6:00:00 AM


Fan Morning Show Hour 3 9/17/14

Starting our final hour we have from Bleacher Report Matt Miller come on and gives us our weekly NFL inside reports. Mike asks Miller if Peterson will ever play for the Vikings or the NFL ever again. We ask about some surprises like the Colts at 0-2 and the Bills at 2-0. Miller says Colts defense is absolutely terrible, and the Bills are not for real. Nate asks if the Chargers are a team we need to pay close attention to, given their play so far this year. Miller gives us his thoughts on the Broncos week 3 match-up, if Denver gets a pass rush going he thinks they can get the win up in Seattle. Vic throws out the thought that if Adrian Peterson was available would you want the Broncos to pick him up? Former Bronco John Lynch drops into the show and talks the Chargers game plan against the Seahawks, and what the Broncos should take from that. Lynch says one of the key things we need to do is tackle, and gang tackle very well. Vic ask Lynch’s opinion on TJ Ward and how he’s been playing, and the impact he’s had for the defense. Nate also asks what it means to the Broncos and Manning to have Wes Welker cleared to play on Sunday against the Seahawks.

Posted 9/17/2014 8:00:00 AM

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Morning Basics

Morning Basics

The Morning Brew Every morning at 6:30, Mike and Nate take you through the biggest sports stories that you'll be talking about at work.

Four Down Territory Tune in at 7:30 for the four biggest stories from the world of football.  Regardless of whether it's college or pro, these are the headlines you need to start your day.

Frank Schwab Covering the NFL for Yahoo! Sports from right here in Denver, Frank joins the guys every Monday at 7:15 to look back on the weekend that was in the NFL.

Chad Brown A 3-time Pro Bowler with 15 years in the NFL, the former CU standout is on hand every Monday morning at 8:00 to look back on two full days of weekend football.

Fantasy Freaks It's hard to deny that Nate is a stat geek, but when it comes to Fantasy Football, we just let him do it.  Tune in throughout the week for Nate's breakdown on how to guide your team to the championship.

Jake Plummer Wednesdays at 8:00am, The Fan Morning Show welcomes the former Broncos quarterback to the airwaves to talk all things Broncos and the NFL.

Troy Calhoun 104.3 The Fan is the home for Falcons football all season long. The head coach of Air Force Academy football is on the show every Thursday at 7:45am.

Michael Schottey From Bleacher Report, Michael is their lead NFL writer.  Joining the show every Friday morning at 6:15, Michael takes us coast to coast to preview the upcoming NFL weekend.