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Drew, Sandy & Scott hour 3 8/27/14

Terry Frei from the Denver Post joins the show to preview the Rocky Mountain Showdown. Terry says it’ll come down to CSU’s offensive line if they want to win. They discuss if the fans between CU & CSU truly hate each other like some of the other rivalries across the country. Terry says CSU should win this game and should be favored to win. The guys talk some tennis in the last half hour of the show. The guys close out the show talking about the trade that brought Kevin Love to the Cavs and how great of a scorer he can be.

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Drew, Sandy & Scott hour 2 8/27/14

The guys open up hour 2 discussing the report of Michael Sam waiting to shower after his teammates so he didn’t make his teammates uncomfortable. Was she told to go after this story or did she seek this story. Several teammates have come out to Sam’s defense. The guys go more in depth in the suspension of Josh Gordon and compare it to the other suspensions across the league and other leagues as well. B.G. Brooks from cubuffs.com joins the show to talk some Buffs football and to preview Friday nights Rocky Mountain Showdown. He talks about sophomore quarterback Sefo Liufau looks better now in his second year. He also mentions that 2nd year head coach Macintyre is a lot more energetic this year than last year and he doesn’t look at CSU having more to lose since they made it to the postseason last year. He does think that CSU always come in with a bigger chip on their shoulder than CU. The guys discuss some of the current CU & CSU guys that are in the NFL and who is doing a better job at recruiting lately. CU is in a power 5 conference and should be doing a better job.

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Drew, Sandy & Scott hour 1 8/27/14

The guys start out the show talking about the great performance by Madison Bumgarner who one-hit shutout the Rockies last night, beating the Rockies 3-0. Michael Schottey from the Bleacher report joins the show to talk some football, mainly the suspension of Josh Gordon. Michael says it’s most likely gonna be a one season suspension and not a 365 day. They also discuss the Matt Prater’s suspension and also if Michael Sam has any chance to make the final roster for the Rams. The guys react to the interview by Michael Schottey and also discuss the news about the Seahawks having contact with players in a practice that took place in June, they’ll have a fine along with a double practice taken away next season.

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Drew, Sandy & Scott hour 3 8/26/14

More on the Matt Prater suspension and a corresponding kicking move made by the Broncos earlier today. The guys then get into the recruiting power of stars in pro sports. Like LeBron James’ recruitment of Kevin Love to Cleveland hours after committing to the Cavs, or Peyton Manning getting new receivers to off-season workouts.

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Drew, Sandy & Scott hour 2 8/26/14

CU head football coach Mike MacIntyre joins the guys to preview Friday night’s showdown versus the CSU Ram’s and talks about his team’s growth from last year. More discussion on the best coaches in the NFL and what makes them so good. Also where does the Broncos’ John Fox rank?

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Drew, Sandy & Scott hour 1 8/26/14

The guys start the show talking Rockies and baseball. Our Leading Off segment featuring Matt Prater’s apology to his teammates yesterday, the upcoming Rocky Mountain Showdown, and a recent poll ranking the best head coaches in the NFL. Chad Brown joins the show to talk RMS and Broncos.

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Drew, Sandy & Scott hour 3 8/25/14

Drew, Sandy and Scott got Ron Zappolo to guest star and discuss the cloud that has covered the broncos after this last weekend, how the broncos started so strong but with the Welker injury and Prater suspension, have put a cloud over the team that they will have to recover from. At the later part of the hour they discuss Tiger Woods and his decision to fire his swing coach and where he will go from there.

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Drew, Sandy & Scott hour 2 8/25/14

Drew, Sandy and Scott got guest star Charles Davis to discuss the penalty on Manning and the repercussions of that, along with alot more on the suspension to Matt Prater, if the Bronco’s should bring in a veteran kicker or continue using rookie kicker Mitch Ewald to fill in during Prater’s Suspension; and they discussed the fantastic debut that Emmanuel Sanders had.

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Drew, Sandy & Scott hour 1 8/25/14

Drew is in San Francisco while Sandy and Scott are in the studio. The show opened up with them discussing the Broncos game vs the Texans. We had guest star Arnie Stapleton from Associated Press on the show. Hot topics such as the concussion to Wes Welker and whether he will continue to play or retire from the NFL, the suspension to Matt Prater and how this will affect the broncos special teams and if it was a fair suspension.

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Drew, Sandy & Scott hour 3 8/22/14

Leon White “Big Van Vader” joins the show to talk about his book. He talks about his world record accomplishments and has traveled around the world 25 times. Dr. Rick Perea joins the show to talk some football, and what it takes to make the team. They ask the Dr. how do you make an offensive player more aggressive, the Dr. breaks down different ways.

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