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Drew, Sandy & Scott hour 3 9/1/14

To start the final hour Sean Salisbury from yahoo sports joins Sandy while they preview week one in the NFL. Sandy talks about Andrew Luck as the most valuable quarterback in the league, and that he thinks the Broncos will win on Sunday in a very one sided game. Five of the Bronco’s captains have been named on offense Demaryius Thomas and Peyton Manning, on defense Demarcus Ware and Terrance Knighton and for special teams David Bruton with a sixth captain being named week to week. We listen to Demaryius Thomas’ press conference after being named one of the Bronco’s captains. Sandy talks CU and CSU and is joined by Ryan Edwards and they discuss where those programs are headed.

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Drew, Sandy & Scott hour 2 9/1/14

Sandy starts at the top of the hour updating on Wes Welker and him being back on the practice field. Interviews from John Fox and Terrance Knighton are aired, and Sandy talks about those interviews. Drew joins Sandy on the phone and they talk about the Rocky Mountain Showdown and Colorado State’s fantastic showing in that game, and they discuss whether Labor Day is about college football or baseball. Jim McElwain head coach of CSU joins Sandy at the bottom of the hour and talks about the Rocky Mountain Showdown and the team he has now, and the great running backs he has even with Kapri Bibbs leaving and going into the NFL.

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Drew, Sandy & Scott hour 1 9/1/14

Drew is in Coors Field and Scott will be joining later, Sandy begins by talking about the cuts over the weekend, and discussing if Labor Day is still a baseball day. He then goes on to talk about the Rocky Mountain Showdown, and CSU beating CU. Sandy brings on Kevin Sherrets and they preview the Bronco’s match-up against the Indianapolis Colts. They bring up the topic of Duke Ihenacho and Kevin Vickerson being cut. Andrew Mason from broncos.com is on the phone talking with Sandy about the Broncos roster cuts. Sandy takes the topic to baseball and how it is starting to fade away as America’s Pastime. Going back to football Sandy talks about the young Broncos running backs.

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Drew, Sandy & Scott hour 3 8/29/14

The guys break the news of a 9 game suspension for Niners linebacker Aldon Smith to open the show. The guys discuss Wes Welkers situation, even if he is cleared to play should the Broncos step in and sit him out? The guys take some caller reaction as well. Adam Meyer from realmoneysports.com joins the show to talk some football. Adam gives his thoughts on the Broncos after the preseason. They all discuss the Broncos don’t have a soft spot in the schedule during the first part of the season. They ask Adam about the suspension of Prater and how much it affects the spreads for the Bronco games. The guys preview the Rocky Mountain Showdown in the last segment to end the show.

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Drew, Sandy & Scott hour 2 8/29/14

The guys open the 2nd hour discussing the play of running back Kapri Bibbs, who scored 2 touchdowns in last nights game. They discuss the chances of Bibbs being picked up by another team if they cut him. The guys discuss if this is the deepest/ strongest team the Broncos have had in a long time. Drew mentions to the guys that the Broncos could have 2-3 unsigned free agents to make the team. Troy Renck from the Denver Post joins the show to talk some Broncos and gives some insight on who thinks will make the team. Troy thinks Kevin Vickerson is in trouble especially with the extra playing time he had in last nights game. Troy thinks that Isaiah Burse made a case in last nights game to make the team and that he looked more comfortable returning kicks. Troy doesn’t have any insight on if Wes Welker will be ready to play in week 1, but he says if it was him he’d let him sit several weeks.

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Drew, Sandy & Scott hour 1 8/29/14

The guys open the show talking about the Broncos game in Dallas last night. Which guys will be cut and who will they sign to the 10 man practice squad? The guys discuss who makes the team and or practice squad. Drew thinks Mitch Unrein is the better choice over Kevin Vickerson because of the health issues of Vickerson. The guys think Brock Osweiler had a better game and looks better in the game than in practice. He also looks more sharp starting than coming in 2.5 quarters into the game. The Broncos depth is so deep the coaching staff does have some tough decisions on who will make the 53 man roster. Did Ronnie Hillman give the coaching staff what they wanted to see? The guys seem to think so, if not more. Chad Brown joins the show to give his perspective on what the atmosphere was like the day after the final preseason knowing cuts are going to be made soon.

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Drew, Sandy & Scott hour 3 8/28/14

Our NFL Insider Chris Landry comes on to talk about the preseason finales around the NFL and looking ahead to surprise cuts around the league and Broncos that could be practice squad guys.

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Drew, Sandy & Scott hour 2 8/28/14

We talk more Broncos-Cowboys final preseason game and who will make the final 53 man roster? If it comes down to Kevin Vickerson or Mitch Unrein who would you take? Which players is this game biggest for? Bibbs, Burse, Gerrell Robinson are brought up. RJ Choppy from 105.3 The Fan in Dallas comes on to talk about tonight’s game and equates this matchup as important as the race for the #1 pick in baseball between the Rangers and Rockies. Also we play 104 seconds!

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Drew, Sandy & Scott hour 1 8/28/14

The guys start the show talking about the latest episode of Hard Knocks and wanting more coaches like the Falcons special teams coach. Our Leading Off segment featuring Broncos/Cowboys wrapping up the preseason tonight, Manning’s fine for taunting, and college football kicking off tonight. Drew joins the show from San Francisco as the talk changes to new domestic violence policies by the NFL.

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Drew, Sandy & Scott hour 3 8/27/14

Terry Frei from the Denver Post joins the show to preview the Rocky Mountain Showdown. Terry says it’ll come down to CSU’s offensive line if they want to win. They discuss if the fans between CU & CSU truly hate each other like some of the other rivalries across the country. Terry says CSU should win this game and should be favored to win. The guys talk some tennis in the last half hour of the show. The guys close out the show talking about the trade that brought Kevin Love to the Cavs and how great of a scorer he can be.

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