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The Drive Hour 3 7/22/14

At 5pm the guys continue their Broncos talk. Big Al and Dmac provide their predictions for the 53 man roster that the Broncos will end up with. Will the Broncos continue their streak of an UDFA making the team? The guys finish off the show with more previewing of the Broncos roster followed by Ryan’s Rewind.

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The Drive Hour 2 7/22/14

Big Al and DMac kick off the 4pm hour with Football at 4, featuring more Broncos talk. The guys preview the Broncos’ starting linebackers for the 2014 season. At 4:33 Earl Boykins joins us in studio to talk all things NBA including Kevin Love's future. Earl and the guys also discuss college basketball players and whether they should all contemplate the NBA.

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The Drive Hour 1 7/22/14

DMac is back today with Big Al as the guys kick off the show with some NFL talk. With camp starting in less than 48 hours, the guys get to many of the storylines heading into camp. Big Al and DMac give their biggest headlines from around the sports world in the Big 3 at 330. At 348, former Broncos tight end Joel Dreessen joins the guys to talk about his recent release among other things.

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The Drive Hour 3 7/21/14

Ryan and Big Al start the 5pm hour with more Broncos talk. How will the Broncos look with their new additions such as Aquib Talib and DeMarcus Ware? Also, this is the first time in a while that the Broncos will suit up without Champ Bailey, so how will the secondary play without #24? This defense may be as talented as any Broncos defense has ever been. So, can they be a top 5 group? Later in the hour, the guys talk Rockies for a look at their prospects for the rest of the year.

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The Drive Hour 2 7/21/14

The guys kick off the 4pm hour with Football at 4. Big Al and Ryan talk about how the Broncos will replace the production of Eric Decker. Also, is Demaryius Thomas a Top 5 receiver? At 430 Broncos Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe joins the Drive to discuss the receivers and tight ends of the Broncos and how they will fill in for Eric Decker's absence. Shannon talks about expanded roles for Julius and Demaryius Thomas as well as a focus on the running game. Later, Shannon Alfred, and Ryan get excited talking about the prospects of the 2014 season for the Denver Broncos.

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The Drive Hour 1 7/21/14

Ryan steps in for DMac on Monday’s edition of The Drive. With camp starting up this week, the focus of the first hour is on football! The guys kick off the show with talk of the summer heat and how that will impact players coming into training camp. What do you do if you’re out of shape two days before camp? The guys talk about their stories from the weekend in the Big 3 at 330. Later in the hour the guys discuss the controversial comments on Michael Sam made by Super Bowl winning head coach Tony Dungy.

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The Drive hour 3 7/18/14

The guys start the final hour talking about the Rockies and their second half prospects. Also, they talk about how an owner’s attitude makes the difference in how your organization runs. The guys finish the show talking about what the Broncos attitude should be coming into this season.

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The Drive hour 2 7/18/14

Football @ 4. Breaking Aldon Smith news: Judge sentences Smith to 12 days in jail, and 3 years on probation. The guys continue the Kyle Orton debate, and Big Al is really set on trying to bring in Kyle as backup to Brock. Theres news out of the NCAA, they’re talking about a “Group of 5,” that will not have to adhere to the rules of Amateur athletes. They would also make a Spring League for the teams not in “The Big 5.”

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The Drive hour 1 7/18/14

Big Al is in, DMac is out and Shawn Drotar is filling in as there is no Fan Late Night tonight. The guys start talking about if Peyton Manning was involved an injury report that could possibly keep him from playing multiple games, how would you feel about the Broncos chances? Al poses the question, should the Broncos make a run at bringing Kyle Orton back into the fold now that hes been cut by the Cowboys? Big 3 @ 3:30.

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The Drive hour 3 7/17/14

With Broncos Training Camp only a week away, who are you looking at the most for improvement coming off of last year’s disappointing finish in the Super Bowl. The Broncos made it to the Super Bowl without three of their regular defensive starters, what could they do fully loaded? The guys also breakdown which positions will have the most heated battles in Camp next week.

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