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The Drive Hour 3 7/28/14

The guys talk Von Miller at 5pm. He is back in shape and looking like his former self. Will he be the best defensive player in the NFL this year? Troy Renck joins The Drive at 515 to give the latest from Dove Valley. Renck gives his take on how training camp has gone to date. The guys finish off the show with Broncos talk including discussion of where Julius Thomas ranks among NFL TEs.

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The Drive Hour 2 7/28/14

The guys start hour 2 of the show with Football at 4. Big Al and DMac discuss more training camp. Emmanuel Sanders calls Peyton a much better leader than Big Ben. What does this say about Roethlisberger going forward? At 430 former Broncos wide receiver Brandon Stokley joins The Drive to discuss all things Broncos. Stokley gives his take on the Broncos' wide receiver corps including new additions Emmanuel Sanders and Cody Latimer as well as some discussion of his time in Baltimore.

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The Drive Hour 1 7/28/14

Big Al and DMac kick off this Monday's edition of The Drive with a recap of Broncos training camp to this point. The story lines of an intense day at camp include a strong outing from the offense including a great day from Wes Welker. The guys also recap a packed weekend in which the Broncos put on the pads for the first time since the Super Bowl. In the Big 3 at 330 the guys talk about headlines such as the Rockies’ blunder in spelling Troy Tulowitzki’s name incorrectly. The guys finish the hour with some more discussion about Broncos.

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The Drive hour 3 7/25/14

The guys finish the hour resetting Day 2 of Training Camp and how who was impressive today. We replay the interview with Emmanuel Sanders from earlier today. The guys also react to the controversial comments made by Stephen A Smith on ESPN’s First Take about Ray Rice’s suspension. Ryan’s Weekly Rewind.

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The Drive hour 2 7/25/14

Football @ 4. After Day 2 out at Broncos Training Camp, who is shining like Xavier Omon? Who’s possibly struggling. Lerentee McCray joins the guys to talk about how relieved he is to be back at 100% after being injured during last year’s Training Camp. Alfred is a huge fan of McCray, why?

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The Drive hour 1 7/25/14

Right off the bat the guys talk with Sylvester Williams about his INT today during practice. They also talk about how different this year’s Training Camp is from last year now that hes in his second year. The Defense pretty much dominated today, why is that? Was it just a bad day for the offense? Big 3 @ 3:30. Emmanuel Sanders joins the guys to talk about how different this offense is from the offense he used to play in at Pittsburgh.

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The Drive hour 3 7/24/14

It's 5pm in the Mile High City! The guys continue their breakdown of the 1st day of Broncos training camp. We replay our interview with rookie WR Cody Latimer!

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The Drive hour 2 7/24/14

It's Football at 4! The guys recap Day 1 of Broncos Training Camp! We hear from Peyton Manning on Julius Thomas as a wide receiver, on the Blue Ball and how much he misses the fans. We take listener calls on questions about camp.

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The Drive hour 1 7/24/14

The guys react to Day 1 of Broncos training camp! All the details and observations from the morning PLUS a conversation with Rookie WR Cody Latimer

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The Drive hour 3 7/23/14

The guys keep the conversation going about Mr. Bowlen. We also play a couple portions of Elways Press Conference from today where he teared up a little. How much does Pat Bowlen stepping down change things in the front office? Jamaal Charles in Kansas City becomes the 2nd highest paid RB in the NFL. What can we expect to see from the Broncos on Day 1 of Training Camp? Ryan’s Rewind.

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