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The Drive hour 3 4/23/14

Chad and DMac talk about what classifies as a dirty play or what makes a dirty player. DMac and Chad give a Rockies update, as Hector Sanchez from SF hits a Grand Slam to give the Giants a 12-8 lead in the 11th. More of the Broncos schedule leaks out, the first 8 games, no dates, but the order is in. The guys also talk about Russell Wilson getting a divorce. Broncos Schedule was released before 6pm, and we have it.

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The Drive hour 2 4/23/14

The guys talk about OTA’s and why people would miss the start of OTA’s. The guys preview the LB’s available in the Draft around pick number 31. The guys talk about “Making the Right play” not just A play. Still waiting on the potential suspension of Matt Cooke.

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The Drive hour 1 4/23/14

Chad Brown fills in for Alfred. Scotty sticks around for a few to brag about his new addition to his family. DMac and Chad talk about the Broncos, and how they’re approaching this off-season. Big 3 @ 3:30. Broncos first game leaks, Colts here at SAFAMH, Sunday night. The guys give a Rockies update. DMac asks Chad Brown his opinion on Matt Cooke’s hit on Tyson Barrie and how what would be handled in the NFL.

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The Drive hour 3 4/22/14

News of the day. Avs got dominated last night...that REALLY should be the storyline.
Altitude TVS Mark Rycroft joined the show at 5:30 to talk some Avs. Plus Ryan's Rewind!!!

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The Drive hour 2 4/24/14

Football at 4. Orlando Franklin, Left Guard excited to learn and improve this off season. He says he will give it his all. Who could be a good fit for right tackle? NFL Draft Players to keep an eye on for the Broncos.

1) Joel Bittonio, OT, Nevada 2) Cyrus Kouandijo, OT, Alabama

Earl Boykins is live in studio with the guys to talk some basketball.

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The Drive hour 1 4/22/14

Avalanche lose to the Wild 1-0 in OT. Tyson Barrie will be out 4-6 weeks with an MCL injury during the 2nd period by LW Matt Cooke. Rockies beat the Giants 8-2 last night, De La Rosa gets his first win of the season. Raiders trade Pryor to the Seahawks for a 7th round pick. NFL Schedule may come out....tomorrow? Greg Popovich wins NBA Coach of the year...Should he watch his back? (Cough, George Karl).
Big 3 @ 3:30. We'll also take some reaction to the cheap shot last night in the Avalanche game...What kind of penalty should the NHL levy against Cooke?

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The Drive hour 2 4/21/14

Football at 4. Listened in to some of Peyton Manning's comments after camp today. The guys talked about some of the late round QBs in Names You Gotta Know. Big Al and D-Mac started previewing the Avs game 3 in Minnesota tonight. They talked about Nathan MacKinnon and how the Avs need to protect him and what to expect from the Avs for the duration of their stay in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

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The Drive hour 1 4/21/14

Dmac's parents are in studio for 30 minutes! After the Big 3@3:30, the voice of the Avalanche Marc Moser joins the show to break down tonight's Game 3 matchup.

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The Drive hour 3 4/18/14

The guys continue the hockey talk taking calls from fans that were at the game. Lawrence shares a heartwarming story about Big Al that had a lot of people getting misty-eyed. We replay the Patrick Roy interview from this morning on the Fan Morning Show.

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The Drive hour 2 4/18/14

Football @ 4. The Broncos are looking at a potential CBA violation when Adam Gase, and Peyton Manning had a “run-in” in Tuscaloosa. Manning was there meeting with Head Coach Nick Saban as part of his offseason tour of college programs, and Adam Gase was there to meet with Coach Saban as he used to work under him. The guys profile a couple of WR’s that may be available at 31 for the Broncos. The guys get back to the hockey talk, Dmac is a little weary about the Avs’ chances based on their performance in Game 1.

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