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Fan Morning Show Hour 3 9/17/14

Starting our final hour we have from Bleacher Report Matt Miller come on and gives us our weekly NFL inside reports. Mike asks Miller if Peterson will ever play for the Vikings or the NFL ever again. We ask about some surprises like the Colts at 0-2 and the Bills at 2-0. Miller says Colts defense is absolutely terrible, and the Bills are not for real. Nate asks if the Chargers are a team we need to pay close attention to, given their play so far this year. Miller gives us his thoughts on the Broncos week 3 match-up, if Denver gets a pass rush going he thinks they can get the win up in Seattle. Vic throws out the thought that if Adrian Peterson was available would you want the Broncos to pick him up? Former Bronco John Lynch drops into the show and talks the Chargers game plan against the Seahawks, and what the Broncos should take from that. Lynch says one of the key things we need to do is tackle, and gang tackle very well. Vic ask Lynch’s opinion on TJ Ward and how he’s been playing, and the impact he’s had for the defense. Nate also asks what it means to the Broncos and Manning to have Wes Welker cleared to play on Sunday against the Seahawks.

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Fan Morning Show Hour 2 9/17/14

Vic joins the guys at the top of the hour on this beautiful “Hump Day” to continue our Bronco vs. Seahawk talk. The guys discuss the impact on the New Drug Policy that the NFLPA just passed, and its impacts on suspended players. On 1st down we give a bit of detail on the growing Adrian Peterson story. For 2nd down Wes Welker among several players reinstated after NFLPA passes new Drug Policy. In 3rd down Cardinals OLB and current active sack leader John Abraham says he’s ready to play again. Finally for 4th down Seahawks owner donates 9 Million dollars to help with the Ebola Fight. Vic continues to mess with Evans and his classy step-up from starter shoes, too Skechers. Nate and Mike take a moment to let our listeners know that Vic got a shout out during Keith Olbermann’s rant on Denver fans petition towards Phil Simms.

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Fan Morning Show Hour 1 9/17/14

Its Hump day here on The Fan Morning Show, and today’s theme is “First Time”. In honor of Mike going to see his very first country music concert. Mike and Nate discuss San Diego’s game plan against Seattle, and wonder if we may take a few notes from their blueprint going into our week 3 match-up vs the Seahawks. First on the Morning Brew the Rockies won last night making our hopes for 100 loss season seem like a dream. Secondly Jay Glazer said the NFL put AP on the “Exempt List”, a bettor lost a 100k because the Colts lost Monday night to the Eagles. The petition started by Bronco fans to get Phil Simms banned from Denver play by play is gaining ground, so much in fact the Keith Olbermann decided to give us his two cents on Denver fans. Mike Florio from and our NFL insider comes by with some rather breaking news in regards to the Ray Rice situation. Florio gives us somethings to look out for in our week 3 match-up against Seattle. Florio also takes a minute to offer up some “Hump Day” music for Mike and Nate.

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Fan Morning Show Hour 3 9/16/14

As we begin our final hour here on the Fan Morning Show we have Chris Landry join the guys to talk football. We give texters the chance to ask Landry some questions, first being do you think Von Miller is playing as well expected? Mike asks if the only thing the Vikings are worried about is they can’t win games without Adrian Peterson is that why they’ve reinstated him? Landry tells all the owners and GM’s need to man up and grow a pair with how their handling all these violent situations. Landry delves into some of his stories and experiences that he’s had in his extensive NFL background. In our 8 o’clock hour we replay our Terrell Davis interview so or later commuters get a chance at hearing from TD himself. Closing out our final hour the guys read off some texts and respond to some of the more outlandish texters.

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Fan Morning Show Hour 2 9/16/14

Vic is a little late due to Denver’s oh so lovely traffic, but rest assured Vic will be in today. Mike and Nate continue to ask why fans are so upset with Phil Simms calling Bronco games, and if its really a big deal. We get ready to delve into 4 down territory, but not before Vic gives us his ideas for increasing traffic flow. On 1st down Andrew Luck lost back to back games for the first time in his NFL career, and first time since college against Nick Foles. For 2nd down Rick Speilman gives latest on talks with NFL in regards to Adrian Peterson issue, 3rd down RGIII gets hurt yet again, is he fragile or is it bad luck? Finally for 4th down Jim Harbaugh says that fan noise could be better at the new Levi Stadium. Closing out our second hour we have our Quarterback on Quarterback segment with Jake Plummer. We ask for Plummer’s take on why did Aaron Rodgers not test Richard Sherman when San Diego and Philip Rivers did test Sherman. Vic asked if he is putting too much into the mental point of the upcoming Seattle game or whether it plays a key role.

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Fan Morning Show Hour 1 9/16/14

Mike and Nate kick the show off talking about the state of the Broncos Defensive Line. Can’t you say that the pick of Malik Jackson has offered great value for the organization? The Morning Brew at 6:30 touches on Richard Sherman responding to claims he was exposed, Papelbon grabs the jewels, a zombie Al Capone and Professional Baseball players dressed in lingere?!

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Fan Morning Show Hour 3 9/15/14

Troy Renck from The Denver Post and our NFL insider calls in and talks Broncos vs Chiefs. Renck offers us his view on the Chiefs, and also looks forward to the match up this weekend on Sunday Night Football versus the Seahawks. The guys respond to texters who say they’re tired of Phil Simms and don’t want him to call Bronco games anymore. Simms got a few things wrong during Sunday’s game on the Play by play. So naturally Bronco fans took issue with Mr. Simms getting things wrong with our team. Nate sticks up for the fans in acknowledging that Phil Simms was “Stroking the Chiefs” yesterday during the play by play. Mike does give credit to Simms asking why Dan Reeves hasn’t been inducted in the HOF not just the ring of fame. We ask if everyone can admit now that the pre-season game win was merely nothing. Vic says as soon as the clock ran out yesterday Broncos began to think about the Seahawks, and should be.

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Fan Morning Show Hour 2 9/15/14

Vic joins Mike and Nate at the top of hour 2 as we continue our recap of the Broncos Chiefs game. Soren Petro from WHB Kansas City joined the guys before 4 Down Territory to recap the game with the fellas. Petro disagrees with our guys that Alex Smith played a great game, Petro asks Mike if Smith had a great game, what’d you call Peyton Manning’s game vs the Ravens last year? For 1st down San Diego stuns the defending champs with a three touchdown showing by Antonio Gates, 2nd down Chicago comes back from an early deficit to get the big win against the 49ers. on 3rd down Cleveland pulls out the stunner against the Saints with a game winning field goal, and 4th down Buffalo Bills start the year off 2-0 with a good win vs the Dolphins. The fellas are still disgusted with the poor excuse of a field that the Broncos are playing on, Vic enlightens us that it a seed over sod matter. Nate keeps pounding the table claiming he likes the running game and thinks Montee Ball is playing quite well. Vic is confused as to how they come to the QBR ratings given the wide gap between Manning and Smith.

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Fan Morning Show Hour 1 9/15/14

Good morning and welcome to this Monday Morning Tight End with Joel Dreessen on the Fan Morning Show. Joel takes a different route than most fans will this Monday morning, and says hey a wins a win. Yes it wasn't the prettiest and not nearly as big of a win as we thought but a win none the less. Mike asks Joel if Peyton Manning was a bit harsh on Julius Thomas when we saw him yelling at him on the sideline during last nights game. For NFL Sunday Green Bay comes back from a huge deficit to get the win, New Orleans Drew Brees spreads ball to 8 receivers Jimmy Graham only one with more than 3 catches. Are the Cincinnati Bengals the biggest threat in the AFC for the Broncos given their good play and stout Defense. Nate shares sympathy with Eli Manning and the horrendous team that is New York Football Giants. Redskin fans learned what the rest of the league knows in that Kirk Cousins is a better Quarterback than RGIII. Mike and Nate poke fun at Phil Simms and his questionable play by play, clearly Thursday was just a bit too much for them. Joel explains the finer points on Bronco rub routes or what other teams may call “Pick Plays” and why they’re so affected. To close out our first hour Joel takes a minute to respond to texters and provide a dose of reality and what to expect for next Sunday.

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Fan Morning Show Hour 3 9/12/14

We begin our final hour off in the most epic of fashions, we have music legend Gene Simmons from KISS join the guy's. Simmons talks everything from his arena football team the LA KISS, to his attempt to sign Tim Tebow to the team. Simmons also takes the chance to let Mike know how he learned his tounge would lead him to stardom. Before we have Chad Brown join us, the guys can't stop talking about the Gene Simmons interview. Just before our last segment we have former CU Buff Chad Brown join the guys to talk week 1 and give us predictions for week 2. Vic points out that he expierneced what all football fans should, he sat with Joel Dreessen and Chad Brown during the Bronco Game. Vic told us he learned more in that one game than he could have ever on his own. Closing out the hour the guys talk about a local giving them bet advice on college games, sadly his biggest one is the CU game.

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