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Fan Morning Show Hour 3 7/31/14

They guys react to John Lynch claiming that he knew the Buccaneers would not repeat as Super Bowl Champs about a week into the season. They look at all of the new contracts that Seattle has given their players in the offseason. Jay Mohr joins the show to talk about his experiences in radio, doing movies and hosting stand up comedy shows.

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Fan Morning Show Hour 2 7/31/14

Vic joins the show to give his insights to practice yesterday. In four down territory, Antonio Brown takes a swipe at Emmanuel Sanders, A prominent wide receiver says that his quarterback will win the MVP this season, John Harbaugh defends Ray Rice and Charlie Casserly says that one rookie should start in week one.

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Fan Morning Show Hour 1 7/31/14

The Fan Morning Show starts off Thursday by recapping the highlights of yesterdays practice at Sports Authority Field. John Lynch is replayed from yesterday giving his take on what the Broncos are doing and how the defensive back positions have changed since he quit playing. In the Morning Brew, MLB trade rumors, a former president honors Derek Jeter on his retirement tour, a Major League team has signed a real life Sid Finch and a Big Ten school is giving out free tuition. The Broncos will have to do some new contracts in the foreseeable future, can they afford to keep all of their stars?

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Fan Morning Show Hour 3 7/30/14

We talk more about the standing ovation that Ray Rice got from the fans during training camp. The guys also discuss what the Rockies will do with Tulo, they believe the Rockies will not trade him. We listen to the interview from earlier in the show with Mike Florio our NFL insider. The guys also get a chance to talk to John Lynch of Fox sports about the Broncos upcoming season.

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Fan Morning Show Hour 2 7/30/14

We start off the second hour talking more about the Rockies game last night and the guys discuss what the Rockies will do with Troy Tulowitzki. We start off four down territory talking about Ray Rice’s standing ovation that he got from the fans at training camp. Second down the guys discuss the contract that the Cardinals gave Patrick Peterson. Third down we talk about the comments that Chip Kelly made about the NFL draft. Fourth down we talk about the Raiders possible move to San Antonio.

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Fan Morning Show Hour 1 7/30/14

It’s hump day! Today’s hump day theme is break up songs. We talk about last nights Rockies game that went 16 innings and ended in a Rockies loss to the Cubs. We also talk about the Baltimore fan’s reaction to Ray Rice at training camp. First on Morning Brew we start off talking more about the Rockies marathon game last night that lasted into the 16th inning, ending in a Rockies loss to the Cubs. Second on the brew the guys talk about Andre Reed’s comments about Manziel and Bon Jovi. Third on the Brew we talk about Jay Cutler’s new ride. Fourth on the Brew the guys discuss Urban Meyer's comments saying that he doesn't understand why Tebow isn't in the NFL. Last on the Morning Brew we listen to the audio from a guy who urinated on Art Modell’s grave and proceeded to post it on YouTube. We also visit with our NFL insider Mike Florio about everything NFL.

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Fan Morning Show Hour 3 7/29/14

Chris Landry the Fans football insider joins the Fan Morning Show to talk about training camp so far with the Denver Broncos. Sly Williams had some trash talking for Peyton Manning at the end of practice. Mike has an interesting prediction for the upcoming season in regards to a potential breakout star for the team.

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Fan Morning Show Hour 2 7/29/14

Legendary broadcaster Ron Zappolo joins The Fan Morning Show to talk about the upcoming Broncos season, and what he will expect from calling the games with the Fans own Alfred Williams. In Four Down Territory the NFL is defending itself against some recent discipline decisions, Adrian Peterson says that the Vikings offense will be much more unpredictable. The New York Giants made a bold prediction for Eli Manning in the upcoming season. Las Vegas has the Denver Broncos has the over/under for Broncos wins at 11 ½. We talk about that, is it too high, or too low?

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Fan Morning Show Hour 1 7/29/14

We start off the day talking about Mike's 5 Keys to the Broncos season. Sylvester Williams talking trash with Peyton at camp. This Broncs defense is feeling frisky.
The Morning Brew talks Peyton Manning dancing at practice, Oregon QB taking classes in Golf and Yoga, Greg Maddux HOF bust has poor grammar, and more!
Vegas gives us the odds for the upcoming NFL season. Where do they have the Broncos?

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Fan Morning Show Hour 3 7/28/14

We get an opportunity to talk to our Denver Broncos Troy Renck of the Denver Post to talk about the Broncos training camp so far. We also talk to Troy about the Rockies and what he would have done with the misprinted Rockies jerseys. We also ask Troy if he believes the Rockies will trade Tulo before the deadline. Troy also talks to us about Talib and Ward and how this Broncos defense will look different this year.

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